15 Inspiring Ways to Transform the Look of Your Stairway Wall

Are you planning to decorate stairway wall? When it comes to styling stairway walls, most people love to create something special. Are you one of them? Do you plan to give a customized and unique creative touch? Here are 15 inspiring, gorgeous, and ravishing ways to transform the look of your stairway wall.

The practical use of a stairway wall is to make a way from one floor to the next floor. However, innovative ideas can add something more than the traditional practical benefit. When you decorate stairway wall, you should be mindful of this aspect. Well-designed stairway walls provide adequate space or an unexplored area that can be utilized in many different ways.

One of the best options is to create extra storage space. You can even create a visually pleasing gallery with a well-planned stairway wall. It can also be utilized to enhance the color of your home. You can choose one of these 15 inspiring, gorgeous, and ravishing ways to decorate stairway wall.

1. Add Additional Storage Space to Keep Plants, Sculptures, and Bowls

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2. Make a Gallery of Your Favorite Pictures or Artwork

via: Heidi Caillier Design

3. Add Depth and Interest to Your Stairway Wall with Millwork

via: William D. Earls AIA Architect


4. Experiment and Use Paint Creatively to Create a Fun Accent

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5. Decorate Stairway Walls Using Innovative Wallpaper Ideas

via: Elza B. Design, Inc.

6. Transform the Look of Your Wall with a Textured Appearance

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7. Use the Stairway Wall as a Space to Display Your Favorite Collections

via: Rebecca Driggs Interiors

8. Keep the Decor Minimal to Optimize the Elegance

via: Katie Leede & Company Studio

9. Place Mirrors on Stairway Walls to Create Extra Dimension

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10. Use Architectural Features Such As Shutters and Window Frames Creatively

via: Ryan Street Architects

12. Utilize Over-Sized Wall Art Innovatively to Decorate Stairway Wall

via: SLC Interiors

13. Add Lighting Fixtures like Sconces and Overhead Lighting to Make the Decor More Attractive

via: Peninsula Architects

15. Blend Different Methods like Painting, Lighting, and Over-Sized Wall Art to Make Your Stairway Wall Stylish and Unique

via: Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

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