8 Elegant, Attractive, and Creative Outdoor Play Areas

Summer makes everyone happy, especially kids. They can spend time and play outside as much as they want. Parents clean up the outdoor play spaces to make the perfect environment for their children. Thanks to the warm sunshine. You can enjoy quality time with your kids and family. Are you planning to make some outdoor play spaces for kids? Here are 8 elegant, attractive, and creative outdoor play area ideas that make use of natural elements perfectly:

1. Pole Bean TeePee

This one is a beautiful idea to make an appealing outdoor play area. It is an ideal choice for growing plants, spending time for an interesting conversation, and reading.

2. Mud Kitchen

What about creating an amazing homemade mud kitchen? This kitchen lets you make interesting cupcakes and mud pies. It is an idea that is relevant for all seasons.  from Fazeley Preschool

3. State Of The Art

It blends an old boat, natural ground, and tree stumps harmoniously to make a stunningly attractive play area.   from Teacher Tom

4. Natural Social Meeting Spot

This oak tree den is an excellent choice for an outdoor lesson. You can use this place to start inspiring conversations. This spot is a good option for reading as well.   from ABC Does

5. Provocations on the Playground

This playground space idea uses a table on the playground creatively. It is hard to find a better spot than this one for experimenting with small world play, spending time with friends, and picnics in the spring season.   from The Willow School

6. DIY Sensory Path

This sensory path outdoor play space utilizes different natural materials to help children experience the sense of touch using their feet.   from Play at Home Teacher

7. Natural Rock Play Space

You can use natural elements such as dirt, plants, water, and rocks to create one of the most inspiring outdoor play spaces.  from  Fun at Home with Kids

8. Pirate Hide-Away

This idea combines homemade pieces and natural items to create a pirate’s haven in your backyard.  from Childhood 101


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