Swinging Benches Around a Fire Pit


This is a great DIY campfire idea that has swinging benches all around it. It combines my two favorite activities: swinging and relaxing with friends near the campfire, at the same time, it lets us to stay warm on a cold night. A gentleman that goes by the name of Chenango Dave on bowhunters provides a basic tutorial, but before starting this project, you should have a bit of experience in DIY projects and also have a good use of different kinds of tools.

Images and Tutorial via bowhunting forums

swing-around-a-firepit-1 swing-around-a-firepit-2 swing-around-a-firepit-3 swing-around-a-firepit-4 swing-around-a-firepit-5 swing-around-a-firepit-6 swing-around-a-firepit-7



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