Say Goodbye to Tangled Lights: 10+ Easy Christmas Light Storage Ideas

Do you enjoy making your place festive for Christmas? But, oh no! The lights are all tangled up! No worries! We’ve got more than 10 clever ideas for keeping those twinkling lights organized and ready for next year. Say goodbye to the frustrating tangle trouble and hello to a stress-free and organized Christmas. Let’s make sure the “most wonderful time of the year” stays joyful, without the front yard decoration struggle.

Storing Your Christmas Lights: 10 Clever Ideas!

Here are some ideas on how to clean up and keep your Christmas lights organized. Remember, it’s really important to make sure your outdoor Christmas lights are dry before putting them away for next year.

If you store them while they’re still wet, especially in a bag that doesn’t let air in, like plastic or a garbage bag, the water might damage your lights. Not all these ideas might be right for you or your lights. But let’s hope, at least one of these tips will work like magic.

#1 Christmas Light Organizer – Convenient Plastic Holders

Wrap your twinkling lights around these handy plastic holders to keep them from turning into a jumbled mess. To keep them snug, connect the end of one strand to the opposite end, securing them neatly to the plastic hanger. While these holders make organizing Christmas lights a breeze, finding a suitable storage spot is still essential. Stash them away in a festive red or green tote to easily spot them as your cherished Christmas decorations.

#2 Christmas Lights Safe Haven – Box with Cardboard Holders and Zippered Lid

Equipped with four cardboard holders, wind your lights around them and tuck them into a fabric storage box with a convenient zippered lid. The box flaunts vibrant holiday hues of red and green, ensuring it stands out on your shelves for quick identification.

#3 Neat Garage Storage – Hanging Cord and Lights Strap (Tidy Tight Garage)

Do you have a free spot on your garage or shed wall? Utilize it to hang this ingenious storage solution. Each of the five loops can house an extension cord or Christmas lights. Fasten the straps with a plastic buckle and clip, then hang the entire strap from the top metal D-hook. While it keeps your lights organized, keep in mind that it requires sufficient hanging space.

#4 Simple Clothes Hanger Hack for Lights

For a budget-friendly solution, wind your Christmas lights around a regular clothes hanger. Begin by hooking the male end onto the small hanger hook, then wrap the lights around. Securing the strand around the hanger’s center hook prevents the lights from slipping off. Hang the lights in a storage closet, on a wall hook, or, if dry, place them in a storage tote, bag, or box.

#5 Cardboard Comfort – Wrap Lights around Strips of Cardboard

Storing Christmas lights can be uncomplicated with cardboard boxes. Cut flat cardboard into strips (about 6 inches by 18 inches) and wind the lights around them, leaving the male end exposed for easy access. Stack these cardboard-wrapped lights in your Christmas tote, adding extra protection with bubble wrap or newspaper between light sections.   via: I Heart Organizing

#6 DIY Wooden Holders – Crafty Light Wrapping

If you’re handy with a jig saw, fashion large “H” shapes or anvil-shaped holders from plywood to neatly wrap your lights.  via:

#7 Electrician’s Spool Repurposed

Consider repurposing empty wire spools from your local electrician or a building site to secure larger bulbs like C9 or C7. Exercise caution to avoid breaking the bulbs while winding the lights around the spool.

#8 Tube Time – Wrap Lights around Paper Towel Rolls or Wrapping Paper Tubes

An economical method involves wrapping lights around empty paper towel or wrapping paper tubes. Tape one end of the lights to the tube, wind them around, and secure the other end. The number of tubes you’ll need depends on the size and bulk of your lights.

#9 Rubber Band Magic – Bundle Lights with Rubber Bands

Recoil your lights as they were when you bought them, securing the strands with rubber bands, twist-ties, or cable ties. Safely tuck these bundled lights into your Christmas tote or a designated container.

#10 Wreath Container Wisdom

While designed for wreaths, some opt to use these containers for storing Christmas lights. Place a cylindrical foam piece or a balled-up stocking in the center to keep the lights arranged around the circle, preventing sagging during transport.


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