25 Scary Dollar Store Halloween Decoration DIY Ideas

Are you searching for some fun, uncanny Halloween decor DIY ideas? Everyone wants to make their Halloween decor ideas special and memorable. That is why people are looking to find some unique concepts. These Dollar Store ideas let you make your home look mysterious and interesting. Don’t worry about the cost while decorating your home for Halloween. Many ideas are expensive and not affordable for many people. When you use these splendid Halloween decor ideas, you don’t have to worry about unwanted expenses.

With creative, unique, and smart DIY ideas, you can make your Halloween decor highly affordable and stay within budget. You can do it yourself with ease and comfort. Don’t worry about spending a lot of time decorating your home. These simple Halloween decor DIY ideas teach you how to set up your home for Halloween immediately without putting in some extra effort. You can also keep your kids entertained and cheerful.

#1. DIY Spider Halloween Vase

Source: Craftshack Chronicles

#2. Magnetic Spiders

Source: Delia Creates

#3. DIY Skull Vase

Source: Persia Lou

#4. Creepy Crawly Spider Pumpkin

SOURCE: The Kim Six Fix

#5. Dollar Store Mummy Hand

Source: Through The Looking Glass

#6. DIY Ghost Candles

Source: Thoughtfully Simple

#7. Halloween Terrarium

Source: Today’s Creative Life

#8. Halloween Skull Wreath

Source: Tried & True

#9. DIY Milk Jug Skulls

Source: Instructables

#10. DIY Halloween Window Silhouettes

Source: Shelterness

#11. DIY Zombie Dolls

Source: Instructables

#12. Skeleton Dish DIY

Source: Four Front Doors

#13. Dollar Store Skull Pedestals

Source: That’s What Che Said

#14. DIY Cardboard Tombstones

Source: EHow

#15. DIY Halloween Tin Can Luminaries

Source: Kids Kubby

#16. Hanging Foam Bats

Source: HGTV

#17. DIY Halloween Candles

Source: House Of Dewberry

#18. Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

Source: Eighteen 25

#19. Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost

Source: One Good Thing

#20. Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary

Source: The Kim Six Fix

#21. Pumpkin Door Decor

Source: Everyday Celebrating

#22. Spooky Halloween Candle

Source: Cheltenham Road

#23. Bats Halloween Decor

Source: Made Everyday

#24. DIY Lawn Ghosts

Source: Listotic


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