20 Halloween Games for a Mischievous and Playful Kids Party

Can you imagine a Halloween party without some fun, mischief, and entertainment? Everybody wants spooktastic Halloween games for a kids party. Shopping for ideal costumes and candies is a common thing nowadays. An easy and fun night is what makes a Halloween party truly memorable. Nobody wants to send children home frightened or terrified. The best parties for kids are not scary but entertaining and mischievous. That is how you can make it truly unforgettable for kids.

You have to focus on making a Halloween party that is suitable for kids of all ages. The games should fill the minds of children with sweet memories that last until the next party. Are you looking for the best Halloween games for a kids party? Here are the best ideas that will make your party a monumental success:

1. Add the Mummy Game to Keep Everyone Excited

The Mummy Game is a great fun game to play with your children. The next step is to pair the kids off using toilet paper. The winner is the pair that wraps someone as a mummy first.   Source

2. Make Your Halloween Party Activity-Oriented with Free Pumpkin Stencils

Pumpkin carving can be the most exciting part of a Halloween party. Stencils and special party carving make things incredibly entertaining.   Source

3. Include the Guess-How-Many Game to Keep Guests Entertained

Make your Halloween party fun with the Guess-How-Many game. The guest, who predicts the number of candy corns in the bowl accurately, wins the door prize.  Source

4. Don’t Forget to Add Classic Games to Your Spooktakular Halloween Birthday Party

Use Classic games to blend birthday and Halloween parties and offer more fun. Bobbing for fun is a great addition because it offers great fun to watch children play.   Source

5. Pumpkin Bowling Games are Blockbusters

Both adults and kids will love pumpkin bowling games. Make ghost faces with toilet paper rolls. After cutting removing the stem from a small pumpkin, utilize a drill to make some finger holes and start playing.   Source

6. Set up a Spider Lair

Make a spider lair in your home and let guests go through the web without breaking streamers. It is one of the most entertaining Halloween games for a kids party.   Source

7. Create Your Halloween Interpretation of the Witches Brew Game

The Witches Brew game can be made incredibly entertaining with plastic witches’ cauldrons and toy frogs.  Source

8. Pumpkin Fun is Super Exciting

Ask everyone to balance mini pumpkins on their heads and run to win. This game is entertaining for both adults and kids.   Source

9. Table Top Version of Candy Corn Toss is a Popular Halloween Game

This easy candy corn toss game is a favorite choice of most kids.   Source

10. The Halloween Scavenger Hunt is a perfect choice

Keep the children entertained with the Halloween Scavenger Hunt game.   Source

11. Choose a Lollipop Ring Toss Game

The abundance of Lollipops around Halloween time makes this game an ideal choice for your party. You can use glow stick bracelets to play this game at night to add more fun.   Source

12. Play a Guessing Game Using Painted Cups and Hidden Candies

Paint three pails or cups and make them look like ghosts. After keeping a candy beneath one cup, ask the guests to make the right guess.   Source

13. The Pumpkin Memory Game is Highly Entertaining

Make faces on the pumpkins using markers or construction papers and orange plates. Play the pumpkin memory games using them to keep children engrossed.   Source

14. Halloween Spider Race Game is an Exciting One

Spider Race Minute to Win It game can be played using straws and plastic spiders.  Source

15. Give Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game a Halloween Twist

Keep kids incredibly entertained with a Halloween version of the Give Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.   Source

16. Pin the Spider on the Web Game Offers Great Fun

Kids love the Pin the Spider on the Web game. You can add it to your Halloween games.   Source

17. The Pumpkin Patch Stomp Game is a Thrilling Game for Children

Keep the kids motivated with the pumpkin patch stomp game. Hide a small prize inside each balloon to make it more interesting.   Source

18. Choose The Stack and Squirt Game

It is one of the most exciting Halloween games for a kids party. Paint half the cups orange for pumpkins and the next half white for a ghost. Stack the cups and let the children shoot down.   Source

19. Cornhole Game is a Perfect Addition to Your Halloween Party

A tabletop corhole board must be decorated to play this Halloween game. Ass more fund by throwing big spiders into the hole.   Source

20. Don’t Leave out The Poke A Pumpkin Game

The poke a pumpkin game lets the kids win a treat or trick. Place a treat in each cup and cover it using tissue paper.   Source