38 Cool and Cheap DIY Halloween Projects Will Give Your Guests A Fright

As the biggest spooky day of the year, Halloween offers a perfect time when you can expand your creativity and create super cool and scary decorations for your home. For some Halloween enthusiasts, they will not only satisfied with the normal decorations, hosting a successful Halloween party is what they want. On the other hand, not everyone likes or is able to celebrate Halloween to the fullest. In either case, don’t hesitate to make some new, fresh and really cool decorations for Halloween. Whether you are planning a party or you just want to add a little bit of the spooky spirit to your house, these 38 cool and easy DIY halloween projects we’ve prepared for you will definitely make your inspiration blooming.

1. Place some glowing in the dark dead lanterns on the steps of front porch:

Tutorial: growingupbilingual.com

2. Transform recycled cardboard into so spooky zombie barricade:

Tutorial: jayscup.com

3. Halloween garage door silhouette made out of old campaign signs:

Image via: pinterest.com    Tutorial: instructables.com

4. Appropriate lighting can greatly improve the scary effect:

5. You will have no problem creeping out all of your Halloween visitors with this 7ft tall packing tape ghost:

Source: pinterest.com

6. Repurpose paper towel rolls and tealights into spooky Halloween candles:

Tutorial: houseofdewberry.blogspot.com

7. Make use of concrete tube and some other materails to create a lawn spooky tree:

Get Tutorial here ====> hallmarkchannel.com

8. Glue the flat-backed basket to a half of witch’s hat to get this Halloween wreath:

Tutorial: thespohrsaremultiplying.com

9. Put $1.00 plastic pumpkins over outdoor porch and garage lights:

10. Lanterns, chains and spider web together create a spooky atmosphere for your yard pathway:

11. Turn old pill bottles into scary witch’s apothecary jars:

Tutorial: ehow.com

12. Let a concrete lighted ghost sit on your steps to scare people who pass your house:

Tutorial: madebybarb.com

13. This wicked entrance makes your guests feel getting into a witch’s home:

14. Glowing in the dark pumpkins sure to make your house the envy:

Tutorial: youtube.com

15. DIY ghost Halloween candy bowl holder from vintage barrel stand:

Tutorial: sadieseasongoods.com

16. Glue some piece of cardboard together to make a very cheap coffin for Halloween party decor:

Image via: born2haunt.com

17. Create a scary effect on your window by drawing a Halloween mural or making a sticker:

Image via: residencestyle.com

18. Replace lace with crochet and knitting patterns to cover white pumpkins to get unique decorations:

Tutorial: bellacrochet.blogspot.com

19. Tired of that old skeleton hanging on the porch? Take a look these climbing halloween skeletons ideas:

Tutorial: instructables.com

20. Halloween Garage door decorated using black contact paper:

21. Use packing tape to create ghosts:

Tutorial: craftymorning.com & artsensefromhartville.blogspot.ca & crazygreenthumbs.wordpress.com

22. Add blue and black poison apples to your Halloween table:

Tutorial: wannabite.com

23. Super cool vampire doormat DIY mat for Halloween:

Tutorial: blog.creativelive.com

24. Floating witchs’ hats for halloween kitchen decor:

Image via: awalkinthecountryside.blogspot.com

25. The yarn spiderweb is an easy and inexpensive way to offer any room any corner a huge eerie impact:

Tutorial: craftylumberjacks.blogspot.com

26. Still looking for free bat templates for halloween decor? Here are 10 great free template ideas:

More details: ellaclaireinspired.com

27. Halloween Picket Fence Decor:

28. Halloween Wooden Spoons:

29. Use a spooky label and paper towels to create a altered Halloween bottle:

Tutorial: betterafter.net

30. DIY Halloween candy door hanger:

Tutorial: cherishedbliss.com

31. Easy DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs:

Tutorial: fastforwardfun.com

32. Make creepy hand candles with candle wax and disposable gloves:

Tutorial: instructables.com

33. Umbrella, tulle & stockings hanging in the entry way:

Image via: mikenchristy.blogspot.com

34. Halloween pumpkin decorating ideas inspired by the fairy garden, DIY shadowbox pumpkin + pumpkin forest:

Tutorial: crazylittleprojects.com & curbly.com

35. Nightmare Before Christmas Man-Eating Wreath:

36. Spooky decorating idea for your fireplace:

Tutorial: athousandphases.blogspot.com

37. Light up your porch with these easy DIY illuminated ghosts made from tomato cages:

38. Decorations were simple with black balloons and crepe paper spiders:

Image via: southernrevivals.com


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