DIY Concrete Flooring Makeover


Floor is an important part of your home’s interior or exterior. A beautiful floor can give a special charm to your space. Here are fun projects to help you spruce up your existing concrete flooring, and do not need to invest a big budget. Metallic epoxy floors let your home get a luxury look easier than you can imagine. And spray painting a stone design on the concrete surface is another really great way to updating your floor… So have a look at these cool floor ideas with video tutorials that we’ve found.


Spray Painted Faux Stones on Cement Surface – Tutorial :


Add Color to Your Concrete Floor Surface, and Make It Look Like Water – Tutorial :


How to Make a Acid-stained Patio Walkway – Tutorial :


Give Your Home a Luxury Look by Creating Awesome Metallic Epoxy Floors – Tutorial at Below Video


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