Creative Ideas Adding Chicken Wire Projects to Your Garden

If you want to look for a simple way to protect your little plants from the unwanted guests, you can try making chicken wire cages. Chicken wire is perfect to use for making all types of wire mesh projects for the garden. From wire mesh trellis, chicken wire fence, garden chandelier to wire cage, chicken wire projects are always surprising. Don’t wait any more, take a look at these wonderful examples below…

1. Gorgeous chicken wire chandelier made with natural elements and citronella candles:

See the full tutorial here:

2. Build a vertical garden structure using wooden frame and chicken wire:

See the easy tutorial:

3. So crazy idea to create giant allium flowers with spray painted chicken wires:

Get the genius tutorial at:

4. Make easy chicken wire cloches to keep chickens off your garden and yard plants:

Tutorial from: and

5. Decorate your garden fence using a chicken wire wreath that filled with pincones and some small decorative items:

6. This beautifully simple floral wall sconce from chicken wire is sure to brighten any outdoor space:

The DIY tutorial is here:

7. Pick up a roll of chicken wire and three rolls of wooden fencing to make the fence to protect your vegetables from rascally rabbits:

Check out the instruction here:

8. Use chicken wire to build a couple of strawberry towers:

The full instruction here:

9. Create a A-frame trellis for your vegetable garden using a chicken wire:

See the tutorial here:

10. A yard waste bin or a compost bin can be created with chicken wire:

More details:


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