47 Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas to Redefine Your Space

In home design, think of accent walls as magic brushes that turn your space into a stylish sanctuary. Beyond a new paint color, explore the charm of wood trim accent walls – they create a special 3D focal point, especially if you miss the old-school brick vibe.

Accent walls, like shining stars in home decoration, let you play with colors and textures without a fuss. Enter the wood trim accent wall – simple, budget-friendly, and versatile. If you seek easy ideas to spruce up your space, you’re in the right place. Dive into this curated collection, where inspiration meets simplicity, ready to kickstart your home’s stylish transformation.

#1 Cozy Corner with Reading Nook Wall

Transform a corner into a cozy reading nook with a quick DIY project that takes just half a day.

Lay out measurements using painter’s tape and repurpose wood planks from sanded reclaimed or barn wood for an upcycled touch.  via Iron and Twine

#2 Elegant Vertical Board & Batten Wall

Transform your space with tranquility using this peaceful wood trim accent wall idea. The vertical board and batten, coupled with a soothing color scheme, exude top-notch elegance.

The tutorial ingeniously works around existing wall designs, making it a perfect DIY for the living room or bedroom, seamlessly blending with your decor. Source: ellisonmade

#3 Conceal and Enhance with an Inventive Wood Accent Wall

Hide an air duct creatively with this DIY wood accent wall. Upgrade the simple board-and-batten project with textured squares. Break the norm by adding peel-and-stick wallpaper within the squares.  via Small Stuff Counts

#4 Dramatic Charm in Deep Gray Board-and-Batten Wall

Painting the board-and-batten accent wall in deep gray or black creates a dramatic statement.

Rooted in tradition, this pattern found in older homes takes a modern turn with the bold ebony color.  via A Crafted Passion

#5 . Breathtakingly Simple Geometric Wood Wall

For those who crave more than the basics, here’s an over-the-top yet breathtaking wood trim accent wall idea. Despite its sophisticated appearance, the process is surprisingly easy.

If you appreciate elegant wood finishes without the fuss of painting and bright colors, this tutorial is your go-to. Embrace the challenge, and you won’t be disappointed. Source: realitydream

#6 Elevate Your Space with a Wall Fireplace and Surround

For a touch of timeless elegance in your home decor, consider a living room setup with a built-in fireplace and cabinets.

Modernize the look with an electric or gas fireplace, no need for a hearth. Recess it into the wall for a clean, contemporary feel.  via Garrison Hullinger

#7 Compact DIY Bar Accent Wall

Who says a feature wall needs to be expansive? Sometimes, less is more, as showcased in this super easy bar backdrop idea. If you’re eager to experiment with a wood trim accent wall but unsure where to begin, start with a small corner.

This concept works wonders for your own cozy wine bar or even a charming coffee station. The asymmetrical charm of the wood trim enhances the wall’s aesthetic appeal. Source: cityline

# 9 Charming DIY Striped Wood Accent Wall

Large plain walls can be tricky to style, but fear not. Enter the wood trim accent wall idea, a fantastic solution to transform your space. Bring warmth and texture to your room with this delightful striped wood accent wall.

Perfect for a sizable blank canvas, it effortlessly complements various decors, introducing a playful mix of color and texture. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly project that’s both fun and easy to execute. No regrets with this tutorial! Source: tarynwhitaker

#10 Timeless Charm of Classic Board-and-Batten Wall

Whether in a living room or a dining area like seen here, the classic board-and-batten wall adds a timeless charm. Its simplicity makes it a versatile choice for various spaces.  via Micheala Diane Designs

#12 Transform Your Master Bedroom with Wall Moulding Magic

In this master bedroom, the star is the coffered ceiling and its wooden planks.

To tie the room together, rectangular wall sections using 1×4 lumber as molding were added. Hang matching pictures around the headboard for that extra visual punch.

#13 Embrace Drama with a Dark Board-and-Batten Accent Wall

For a king-size bed, you need a king-size wall treatment. Cover the entire wall with this board-and-batten pattern to balance out the bed’s weight. It may seem challenging, but a wood trim accent wall like this is a doable weekend project.  via Angela Rose Home

15 Elevate Your Living Room with a Floor-to-Ceiling Wood Trim Accent Wall

Revamp your living room style without emptying your wallet with a wood trim accent wall. Simple wood molding turns a plain white wall into a farmhouse haven from floor to ceiling.  via Ellison Made

16 Level Up Your Room with an Effortless DIY Accent Wall

Add the perfect touch to your room with a DIY accent wall without changing the paint color. Don’t fret about nail holes; a robust liquid nail adhesive will do the trick.  via Scotshill House

18 Craft a Headboard Masterpiece with Wood Slats

Turn a simple accent wall into a stunning headboard with basic wood slats and careful planning.

Let the statement end just below the air duct to show how less can be more when it comes to making an impact.  via Carmeon Hamilton

19 Time-Travel in Style with a Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Accent Wall

Give your dining room a throwback with a Mid-Century modern wood accent wall.

Its abstract, modular design complements the dinette set and a Sputnik chandelier seamlessly.  via Remington Avenue

21 DIY Magic: Transform Your Room with an Accent Wall

Shift the entire room’s ambiance with this DIY wood accent wall.

Introduce wall molding in an attractive pattern, ensuring a meticulous touch by filling and sanding each nail hole with care.  via Crafted By The Hunts

23 Dreamy Headboard Extension Wall

In this bedroom, the accent wall plays a key role in the overall design. While the entire wall boasts a deep blue-green hue, the section above the bed takes it a step further with a captivating pattern.

Extending the wood wall design up to the crown molding gives the bed a seamless built-in headboard, adding a touch of dreaminess to the space.  via Cribbs Style

24 Vertical Finesse with Faux Plank Wall

Imitating chic bedroom accent walls can burn a hole in your pocket. Achieve the look of a vertical board wall economically by using flat molding strips.

Save even more by focusing on the top half of the wall, where these strips effortlessly elevate the room’s aesthetic.  via Babi Teixeira

26 Honeycomb Elegance in Wall Molding

Here’s a novel wall molding concept featuring trim pieces crafted from half-round molding.

The antique golden yellow paint adds a touch of sophistication, ensuring this trendy wall doesn’t lose its mature charm.  via Franc and Eli

28 Radiant Boho Vibes in Accent Wall

Bedroom accent walls are perfect for experimenting with wall molding ideas.

The vibrant blue paint not only adds brightness but also brings a cheerful mood to any teen or young adult’s bedroom.  via Residence Magazine

29 Whimsical Geometry in Patterned Wall

Infuse a whimsical vibe into your space with the playful pattern of molding and charming illustrations on this wall.

Opting for a natural color in this wood trim accent wall ensures the room maintains a refreshing ambiance.  via All Things Thrifty

30 Creative Angles in Gray Bedroom Accent Wall

In a bedroom with a slanted roofline, this accent wall embraces the unconventional.

The angled molding doesn’t follow the ceiling’s slant precisely, proving that your accent wall idea doesn’t have to be flawless to make a captivating statement.  via The Merry Thought

32 Modern Retro Fusion in Mid-Century Modern Accent Wall

Install one-inch wood trim in a straightforward geometric design, painted in a trendy avocado green.

The result? A modern twist on the retro charm of this living room, blending the best of both worlds.  via White House Designs

33 Foyer Transformation with Dark Green Accent Wall

Turn a simple foyer into an impressive, welcoming space with the magic of trim pieces and a rich dark green paint. Sometimes, a little touch is all you need to make a big impact.  via Love Create Celebrate

35 Budget-Friendly Flair in Crosshatch Wall Trim

Bedroom accent walls are your canvas to express personality. The owners here maximized the potential of wood trim, creating a bold crosshatch pattern.

Each 8-foot half-round trim piece costs around $6 USD, proving that style doesn’t have to break the bank.  via A Beautiful Mess

36 Bold Herringbone Elegance in Wood Accent Wall

Breaking away from tradition, this wood wall boasts a captivating herringbone pattern usually reserved for floors.

The bold move of transferring it to the wall paid off, adding a touch of elegance that stands out in any room.  via Home Wtih Krissy

38 Ceiling-Height Charm with Vertical Wood Plank Wall

Elevate your space with wood planks or wide molding, creating the illusion of vertical wood paneling that extends all the way to the ceiling.

The 3D look of the planks introduces visual interest, turning your wall into a captivating focal point.  via Abbotts at Home

39 Subtle Sophistication in White Wood Trim Accent Wall

When seeking character without resorting to traditional frames, take a cue from this accent wall idea.

Opt for white-on-white or slight tone variations to infuse texture, ensuring your wall doesn’t feel barren while maintaining a subtle, sophisticated charm.  via Ruggable

40 Create a Nautical Atmosphere with a Shipshape Wall

Ever heard of a shiplap wall? It’s like a tongue-and-groove panel but with a rustic charm perfect for a modern farmhouse vibe.

Just nail plywood lengths to your wall, leaving slim gaps between them. It’s a budget-friendly twist compared to the traditional board approach.  via Our Town Plans

41 Refreshing Green Oasis in Home Gym Accent Wall

Transform your home gym into a revitalizing space with wood accents covering the entire wall.

The forest green paint, coupled with wooden gym equipment, ditches the cold metal vibe for a warm and inviting atmosphere.  via Thrifty Decor Chick

42 Coastal Chic with Light Green Wood Trim Wall

Thin or thick molding can set the mood, and here, thin wall molding painted in a pale sage evokes a reed-like feeling.

Pair it with a rattan headboard for a coastal Boho vibe that effortlessly blends tranquility and style.  via Eliana Rokach

43 Depth and Personal Touch in Living Room Board-and-Batten Wall

Add depth to your living room with a dark board-and-batten accent wall.

The large pattern eliminates the need for additional wall decor, and a personal touch, like the steer’s skull, adds character to the space.  via Woodgrain

44 Playful Nature in Green Modern Wood Trim Wall

Bring vibrant colors to any kid’s room or playroom with this lively green feature wall.

Abstract angles ensure minimal material wastage, allowing for creative attachment, especially near angled corners.  via Laura Adney

45 Modern Twist with Angled Wood Planks

Break free from tradition with wood planks set at an angle, fitting snugly under the bulkhead.

The modern dark color introduces a contemporary flair to a classic home, showcasing a perfect blend of old and new.  via Love Create Celebrate

46 Rich Elegance in Deep Navy Wood Trim Wall

For a dining room or library, consider the dramatic pattern and color of this deep navy wood trim wall.

Taking your time with meticulous application and sanding of the wood filler ensures seamless joints, delivering a truly refined look.  via Walmart

47 Gilded Masterpiece in Geometric Wall Trim Pattern

Turn your wall into a focal masterpiece with this colorful pattern crafted from simple molding.

The gold color elevates it from subtle to spectacular. For added texture, consider placing wallpaper between some shapes or covering the entire wall before applying the trim.


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