17 Storage Ideas for a Room in The Student Dormitory

Sharing a small space is never enjoyable. To comfortably live in the dorm room, you need to find the right way of organizing things with your roomie.

When you enter college, you face a few challenges at once: you meet a lot of new people, experiences, and need to deal with plenty of assignments starting from day one. Besides, you move away from your parents and a comfortable life you got used to and settle down with your roomie in a small dorm room space. If you can deal with the first problem and order some cheap writing paper to cope with the tasks, the room question needs to be taken good care of, as you are going to spend much time there. The key to resolving this lies in the smart space organization, which is why we have prepared a few storage ideas to arrange your dorm room to feel both comfortable and have enough space for all your stuff.

Even if you are the most communicative person in the world, you probably need some personal space. Having it in college may become a problem as you will share a room with someone you don’t even know. But still, even from a small dorm room, you can get the most using some good college dorm storage ideas. With its help, you can both rest and study freely and don’t need to get a schedule of who is going to use the desk to do the homework first (unless you ask your roomie, ‘Can you do my homework as well?’). If you have the lack of storage and want to fix it, here are top college dorm tips and tricks for your comfortable living during all the studying period:

1. Desktop Organizer

If you have just one desk (and you probably do), you need to keep all your stuff properly, not to make a mess when studying. An organizer shelf will be perfect for storing your textbooks, notebooks, and other things in order.

2. Storage Rack

Why not keeping stuff over the door? With this rack, you can create a bathroom organizer, keep wardrobe accessories, or use it for any other needs.

3. Foldable Cube

This is a great thing when it comes to storing clothes, and you don’t have much space in your wardrobe. You can fold it up when not using, slide it out substituting drawers and still have everything in order.

4. Bedside Storage

Image via: apartmenttherapy.com

There is a variety of options, but the purpose remains the same: here, you can keep your smartphone, tablet, laptop, magazines, and other small things to be always at hand. They will not take much place, and it is very convenient when it comes to easy access.

5. Hanging Bed

Tutorial: collegeinfogeek.com

If you have an option to hang your bed, you will have plenty of space to use below. You can get boxes and store there things you don’t use often or keep in there shoes, whatever.

6. Storage Mirror

Image via: overstock.com

If you want a full-length mirror in your dorm room (which is obviously essential), let it work as a storage component that opens up and can store some small things like jewelry.

7. Bunk Bed

Once you have it instead of two separate beds, your room will get more space for hanging bookshelves or just feeling more comfortable.

8. Overbed Unit

There is no such thing as too many shelves when you need to save space. One of the easiest ways of getting more space for storing is going vertical and over bed shelf unit perfectly meets this purpose.

9. Rolling Cart

This is another good investment for keeping books or any other studying essentials conveniently in one place.

10. Drawer Dividers

When you have a lot of clothes but just a few drawers, it becomes hard to keep everything nice. Drawer dividers can help you fit more stuff dividing it into sections for your convenience.

11. Door Rack for Shoes

Image via: hometalk.com

Yes, this is unusual but effective means of keeping your shoes if you have many pairs.

12. Clothing Racks

Image via: homeizy.com

If you choose between a large wardrobe that takes half the room and a compact clothes rack – what do you choose?

13. Bath Caddy

Image via: mom4real.com

Another good thing is a portable bath caddy that also takes only some vertical space and thus is very convenient.

14. Over the Fridge

Tutorial: simplifiedbuilding.com

A few shelves put over your fridge or microwave will save you much place. There you can set up a coffee station and use as a shelf for your books storage as well.

15. Zipper Containers

These are also great for keeping stuff under your bed or on the shelf, not throwing everything around. They may fit for clothes storing.

16. Tension Rods

Tension Rod as a nice option for storing scarves and maximizing closet space.

17. Behind the Bed

Image via: vanillajoy.com

That is another place that should be used for stuff organization. It can also work as compact shelves set with books, gadgets, and other small things.