20 Funny Ideas to Protect Your Christmas Tree From Your Pets

Pets are the ones who love Christmas time the most. We are already in the time of decorating the tree and surely your cats, dogs or even babies look at the lights wanting to play with them and nibble on the Christmas figures. The balls, the lights, and the tinsel that reflect the light attract the attention of the pets that often play to climb the branches to try to hunt the decorations.

This year won’t happen the same. In this article, we bring you twenty original and super fun ideas to protect your Christmas tree from their claws and teeth.

#1. Protect it from dogs that hate vacuum cleaners by hiding it behind them:

#2. Instead of putting the cat in the cage, put the tree in it:

#3. So that the cats do not climb the branches of the tree, rip them off and leave only the trunk. Now they will not be able to climb it:

#4. Put walls as if they were a cage, they will stay outside only looking at the decorations wanting to play with them:

#5. If you put the tree on top of the vacuum cleaner, they won’t come close either:

#6. Hide the tree in cages and the cats will be able to climb the fence but not to throw away the decoration:

#7. No, the tree is not half decorated: put all the ornamentation on top:

#8. Or decorate only the top and remove the branches from the bottom part, so they won’t be able to climb it either:

#9. Trees in two dimensions are the best idea because they do not take up space and are not climbable:

#10. If you cover the tree with blankets, they will be very confused with your new decoration:

#11. The definitive way to protect it is to place the tree upside down hanging from the ceiling. No matter how much they jump, they will not be able to reach it:

#12. Decorate the upper part and place some annoying decoration in the central part (in the form of a belt) to annoy the cats who try to climb it:

#13. Use small trees and place them on the furniture of the house such as the refrigerator, although that only protects you from dogs and babies because the cats will reach without a problem:

#14. If you hang the tree from the ceiling, the cats are likely to jump to reach them, do not put them near high furniture:

#15. Place chairs around the tree to make it difficult for them to get to the tree, but they will likely end up reaching it anyway:

#16. Use a giant lantern to hide the tree inside, it’s a nice way to protect it:

#17. If you hang the decoration directly from the ceiling, the cats will not be able to climb to reach them:

#18. Decorate a Christmas cactus and no one will come to touch it:

#19. Or you can opt for the most radical option: cover it with plastic wrap so that nobody can touch anything:

#20. If you put a small fence around it, the dogs and babies may respect the new house rule. Warning: cats probably won’t:

And so far our twenty ideas. Some are only funny options but keep in mind the most elegant ideas such as the lantern or the tree in two dimensions. Those are very fun, beautiful, and useful options to protect your Christmas tree from your pets!


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