35 Inspiring and Exciting Outdoor Concrete Furniture Ideas With Pros And Cons

Concrete is a popular and even the trendiest material to make furniture. You can find beautiful and innovative racks, benches, chairs, lamps, and tables, made using concrete nowadays. Designers use this material to make indoor furniture. What about outdoor furniture? Let us look at the pros and cons of outdoor concrete furniture and 35 amazing concrete furniture design ideas.

Outdoor Concrete Furniture – Pros

If you are looking for an affordable material, concrete is one of the best options available. This aspect has led to the ever-rising popularity of concrete furniture ideas. Many people choose this material in place of tile to make countertop construction cost-efficient.

Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to concrete furniture ideas. Creative contractors know how to build unique, inspiring, and appealing furniture of any design, shape, and size.

Many people can think about only dull grey concrete furniture. You should not follow in their footsteps to limit your options. Today, you can come across concrete furniture in various decorative hues. The integral color and concrete staining have taken the popularity of these furniture pieces to the next level.

Then sky is the only limitation. You can mold concrete in many different ways. Inventive designers texture it to simulate wood grain. Any texture can be fulfilled with a bit of creativity. You can also find them in numerous appealing finishes.

Adverse conditions do not make a negative impact on concrete furniture. They are highly resistant to water, insects, and fire. Further, this material does not deteriorate fast. Don’t worry about wear and tear when following the best concrete furniture ideas.

1.  a large cocnrete table with neutral wicker chairs:

2. a small modern outdoor dining space with a couple of concrete tables

3. a round concrete table

4. a concrete and wood outdoor table

5. a concrete coffee table and firewood storage

6. a contemporary terrace with a concrete fire pit

7. a small terrace with a concrete sofa and a side table

8. a concrete fire table

9. a creative outdoor concrete chair with a wooden back

10. a light-filled terrace with a neutral sofa, a chair and a round concrete coffee table

11. a small concrete kitchen with metal cabinets and a concrete countertop

12. a dining space done with a concrete and metal table and benches

13. a concrete table and benches of concrete slabs

14. an outdoor dining space with a large concrete table and benches

Outdoor Concrete Furniture – Cons

The toughness of the material can be bothersome for many people. Concrete sofas and chairs come with top-quality cushioning nowadays. However, you cannot expect the same flexibility and cushioning effect as traditional furniture. That is to say, concrete chairs or sofas do not often provide the same levels of comfort as conventional upholstered chairs or sofas.

The heaviness of this material is another disadvantage. Concrete furniture cannot be moved easily as other furniture pieces when cleaned. Vacuuming or washing is the best available option in such a situation.

Concrete is a porous material. Tabletops or counters made using concrete absorb spills fast to create ugly stains. A sealer is essential to prevent the staining of your outdoor concrete furniture. You cannot place hot items directly on them in such a situation. Another disadvantage is that if heavy objects drop on concrete, they may crack.

These are the main pros and cons of concrete furniture ideas. Now, you can decide whether you want to choose concrete for your outdoor furniture.

1. an outdoor space with a concrete and wood built-in bench and a concrete fire pit

2. a seaside terrace with a concrete table and stools

3. a backyard kitchen of concrete with a built-in sink and a fridge

4. a small dining space with a concrete and metal table, and succulents growing in the table

5. a concrete chair and a fire pit

6. a modern outdoor space with a concrete fireplace and a cocnrete stool

7. a pretty and bright terrace with tiles on the floor, a concrete table and wicker chairs.

8. a concrete daybed with pillows, a concrete side table and a coffee table

9. a sack-shaped outdoor concrete table with a planter in the center

10. a duo of dark concrete tables

11. a Scandinavian outdoor kitchen and dining space with a concreye table and benches

12. a sleek and neutral outdoor living space with a round concrete table

13. a small and cool side table of wood and concrete

14. a concrete coffee table decorated with table lamps.

15. an inviting countryard with a rattan sofa with pillows, egg-shaped chairs and a concrete table


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