8 Beautiful Leaf Wallpapers That Bring Freshness to Your Home

We feel the need to change our walls to give them a new look that blends with the modern decor features. Well, painting walls could be the first solution that comes to mind, but with painting, there are many things you need to consider. This includes; the cost if the landlord will agree to this( for those who live in a rented house). Also, you need to consider if the color will match your decor needs.

Another easy and probably better solution for transforming the house walls are installing wallpaper murals. For instance, green walls always bring earthly, nature, and some fresh look to the house. So, imagine how amazing your walls would look if you installed leaf wallpapers. Great, right?

Below are the top 8 beautiful leaf wallpapers that bright freshness to your home worth buying.

1. Green Maple Leaf

Imagine having wallpaper that looks like real leaves hanging over the wall? Beautiful! From the color to how the leaves are illustrated on this wallpaper, it would be hard to notice if it is wallpaper from a distance. It brings out that natural green look to your space, such that you don’t need to add plants for decor in that area.
This leaf wallpaper mural can work for various spaces like the living room, corridors and if you are looking for natural decor in your bedroom or child’s nursery, the wallpaper will work fine.

2. Spring Vivid Leaves

Now, not everyone wants to focus on having complete leave wallpaper murals in their room, so we suggest such models. This wallpaper mural has other features to break down the greenery look and spice up your space too. I would also recommend such wallpapers if you need them for rooms that appear to be a bit dull.
So, the design of this leaves wallpaper features pink background, with green leaves attached to stems moving across. This wallpaper is perfect for busy areas like the living room dining area, and if you want this awesomeness in your bedroom, it can still work.

3. Transparent Leaves

Here is the good thing when it comes to leaf wallpaper murals. The choices are endless to make sure the homeowners find wallpaper that blends
with their home. For example, this wallpaper has a design that works perfectly with other greenery decors like potted plants or artificial plants.
The wallpaper features large leave lines in jungle green colors, and the background of the wallpaper is white with almost invisible leaf lines showing. So, it gives a vibe of green leaves, but the leaves are not too detailed; a perfect illusion to have in your living room area.

4. Leaves Art

This wallpaper is an excellent example of making a statement with a leaf wallpaper mural. It features a mixture of green leaves with different shapes and sizes. There are other detailed leaves in a peach color that break down the monotonous of the green leaves. Therefore, this wallpaper mural will fulfill your desire to have a greener leaf look on the walls but still ensure some decors are added to the walls. Another thing to note is installing it in the entire room or some parts of the walls.

5. Leaves and Dots

Just as the name states, this wallpaper features drawings of leaves and dots. It is a great wallpaper to install on pretty much dull walls or walls that have dull-looking paints. The other thing that makes me adore this wallpaper is that it has a different color combo such that whenever you look on the wall, you get a calm feeling from the shape and color illustrations. If you are looking for wallpaper that would accentuate your modern to contemporary home designs or furniture, this is a great leaf wallpaper to go for.

6. Hand-drawing Leaves

How would you feel having walls that look like they have been custom drawn from scratch? This is what you get when you install this wallpaper. As it is named, the wallpaper is quite colorful since it has different features, and the color combo of the leaf pictures is magnificent. Also, I believe the colors and the leaves drawings selected are timeless.
So, anytime you think of changing the setting of your home, be it furniture or fixtures, this wallpaper will still stand out and blend well. Besides, who wants to keep on remodeling their walls all the time when they can get a permanent solution from this wallpaper? The wallpaper can work in the living room, lounging areas, bedrooms, and even kids’ rooms.

7. Tropical Leaves

Bring that tropical greenery to look to your home by getting this leaves wallpaper. The design and the color combos are incorporated to make a statement in the room, which is excellent. It has a white background and large tropical leaves drawing that stands out. The wallpaper gives a calm natural feel every time you stare at it, and definitely, it would work for your bedroom or living room at that corner you love to relax at.

8. Art Deco Leaves

If you are unsure which colors of walls would work for your room but still wish to have leaves features on the wall, this colorful wallpaper with leaf details will be a good option. It has leaves with different designs and colors to fulfill your desire while still ensuring a bright display on the wall. Trust me; if your house has dull furniture, this wallpaper will brighten the room. No one wants boring furniture and a boring wall, so let this colorful wallpaper brighten the room.


Don’t be hesitant to buy leaf Wallpaper for home. Leaves are known to bring some calmness, and these wallpapers will for sure make you feel calm. Also, from our reviews, we can see different types of leaf wallpaper murals to choose from. So, if you need leaf wallpaper that will add color and great decor to your room, find the wallpapers with the colors you need for your home walls.