15 Backyard Water Games Kids Love To Play This Summer

Summer is here. What is the best way to cool off in hot summer days and keep children enjoying the outdoors? I think water games are that cool way inspires your kids to stay outside longer. So I’ve done some searching and found 15 awesome water games to play in the backyard. Sponge bombs and water guns, amazing water carpet…these simple water games will make a easy splash in your backyard.

1. Sponge bombs can be used again and again, so they are a great alternative to water balloons:

Tutorial via: innerchildfun.com

2. Lay a water carpet onto the surface of water, then kids can sit on it without getting wet or sinking:

You can find them on Amazon

3. Colorful water balloons hanging on branches in the backyard will be a fun summer game for children. How to play it? Simply use a small wood stick to break it:

Source: milkallergymom.com

4. A simple sprinkler for children to play with just a soda bottle and a water pipe:

Tutorial via: instructables.com

5. Use water guns to push beach ball rolling to other teams court. It is a summer game for the team:

6. A PVC pipe water table is a simple and quite useful craft for giving your kids some fun summer time:

Tutorial via: frugalfun4boys.com

7. Make milk jug water balloon launch game for kids:

Tutorial via: kidfriendlythingstodo.com

8. Sturdy string, plastic cups and other some simple items, with these you can create a squirt gun obstacle race course to keep children entertained for hours:

Tutorial via: thisgrandmaisfun.com

9. Transform pool noodles and a tarp into a backyard hockey rink:

More details: somewhatsimple.com

10. Prepare water, balloons and towels for the children to play their water balloon volleyball in the backyard:

Source: urbanfunnyfarm.blogspot.com

11. Make a water balloon parachute using a filled water balloon and a shopping bag:

Tutorial via: fantasticfunandlearning.com

12. Walk the Plank Game:

13. Pass the water game:

Image via: agirlandagluegun.com

14. A bucket (or tub) full of water, sidewalk chalk, and sponges are all supplies of a fun sponge darts game:

More details: theseasonedmom.com

15. Construct a water balloon launcher out of a small plastic container and wood plank:

Tutorial via: frugalfun4boys.com


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