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20 Top Secret Spots For Hidden Storage Around Your House


Hideaway storage can be fun to use and make, and can play an important part in protecting items in your home. In this article we present you 20 top secret spots for hidden storage:

Slipcovered Bistro Table


Pull Out Cutting Board Over Trash Can.

Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-02 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-03 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-05

Bookshelf Secret Storage Box


Under-the-Sink Step Stool

Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-08 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-09 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-10 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-11 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-12 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-13 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-14 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-15

Hidden laundry room behind the bookshelf.


Secret Storage Under The Stairs

Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-17 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-18 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-19 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-20 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-21 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-22 Top-Secret-Spots-For-Hidden-Storage-23


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August 7th, 2013  Posted in Ideas, Interior Design

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