Best 15 TikTok Christmas Hacks You Need for a Festive 2023

Step into the festive wonderland of TikTok, where holiday decorating becomes a breeze with countless DIY hacks. We’ve delved into TikTok’s treasure trove to bring you the simplest and most delightful festive hacks this Christmas.

Get ready to infuse your space with holiday magic and impress your guests effortlessly. Let the cheerful decorating begin!

1. The Glowing Tree Trunk Trick

@kellyfitzsimons__ Get those lights right up the trunk and watch your tree glow 🎄 I used 3 x 2000 cluster lights 

Ever had trouble getting your Christmas lights just right? Well, TikTok sensation Kelly Fitzsimos (@kellyfitzsimons__) has a brilliant solution! Discover her pain-free, creative method of wrapping lights around your tree trunk.

Watch in awe as she effortlessly weaves the lights from the base to the top, creating a mesmerizing holiday glow.

2. Tinsel Magic Unveiled

@1nsanitea Might not be every 1s taste but I think she cute🥰 

Move over silver bells, it’s time for silver trees! Thanks to Teana (@Itstea____), the tinsel hack is taking the Christmas decorating world by storm.

In a captivating video, Teana demonstrates how to wrap tinsel around individual tree branches, giving your tree a shimmering, one-of-a-kind appearance.

3. Festive Fix: Pipe Cleaner Edition

@theelrodfamily I made a bunch! Tag the original creator I can’t find them I saw it last year. 

Struggling to keep your holiday arrangements intact? Look no further than TikToker @theelrodfamily, who went viral with a clever pipe cleaner hack.

Learn how to use these colorful, flexible tools to create stunning bauble arrangements and secure wreaths and garlands.

4. Balloon Baubles Bonanza

@popitballoons Who’s gonna know??? 

Inject some color coordination into your Christmas decor! @popitballoons reveals a game-changing hack for matching your baubles to any color scheme.

Simply cut the end off a balloon, stretch it over your bauble, and voilà – a personalized touch to adorn your tree.

5. Snowy Table Charm

@ranchbythepond These ceramic house at Target sell out quick. Links to the products are in my LTK located in my bio.  

Elevate your Christmas tablescape with a touch of winter wonder. Join @towntofarmhouse on TikTok as she effortlessly creates a snowy centerpiece using artificial snow, miniature trees, and charming white houses.

Transform your dining area into a festive haven with this enchanting decoration hack.

6. Gypsophila Elegance

@hattiekolp You could also try faux baby’s breath if you don’t wanna go broke 😂

Baubles are lovely, but have you considered adorning your tree with delicate flowers? Follow the lead of @hattiekolp, who beautifies her artificial tree branches with sprays of gypsophila (baby’s breath).

Watch as the white flowers harmonize perfectly with the evergreen backdrop, proving that unconventional can be utterly enchanting.

7. Handcrafted Snowflakes Galore

@thekwendyhome Let’s make snowflakes! 

Make your Christmas even more special with handmade snowflakes! Inspired by TikTok user @thekwendyhome, grab some paper bags, a glue gun, and get creative.

Glue together paper bags, cut out your snowflake design, and watch as your unique snowflakes unfold. It’s a fun family activity that adds a personal touch to your holiday decor.

8. DIY Christmas Tree Concealer

@faithhopehome Check out my hack to get the wooden tree box look for just a couple $$! 

Tired of unsightly tree legs? TikTok genius @faithhopehome has an affordable solution.

Follow her lead as she transforms a large box into a wooden tree box masterpiece.

Cut, stick, and glue your way to a stylish cover-up that gives your Christmas tree a polished, finished look.

9. Marbling Magic Table Runner

@blueivymarbling Holiday decorating 

Unleash your creativity with a marbling-style table runner! Join TikTok user @blueivymarbling as she swirls red and green paints together, creating a stunning, one-of-a-kind table accent.

Elevate your holiday dining experience with this artistic and personalized touch.

10. Wall-Mounted Tree Wonders

@jsmacks The wall tree is LIT 🔥 and the Christmas season is here!! 

No room for a traditional Christmas tree? No worries! TikTok visionary @jsmacks introduces the ingenious wall tree.

Using green tinsel, baubles, and lights, she demonstrates how to bring the holiday spirit to any space. Perfect for apartment dwellers, this space-saving hack ensures you don’t miss out on festive cheer.

11. DIY Window Decor

@happyevercrafter Dare you to try it 😈✍🏻

Want to add some holiday flair to your window? Check out how @happyevercrafter on TikTok gives her window a festive makeover using a white Sharpie pen.

It’s easily removable with water or glass cleaner. She suggests a simple process: draw a circle, add branches, fill them with needles, and use a q-tip to carve out straight lines. Give your window a magical touch with this easy DIY!

12. Create a Tree with Books

@alistofreads Build a book tree for Christmas with me! 

For all the book lovers out there, here’s a fun idea – make a Christmas tree out of your favorite novels! TikTok user @alistofreads demonstrates the simple art of stacking books to form a tree shape.

Top it off with a star and string twinkling lights around for a festive touch. It’s a creative way to celebrate the season and showcase your love for books.

13. Floral Fantasy Tree

@thegracemattei WAIT FOR IT SHE’S WORTH IT!!!! 🎄🎄🎄

Not sure how to jazz up your artificial Christmas tree? Take a cue from TikTok user @thegracemattei.

She ditches traditional ornaments and uses sprays of gypsophila flowers in various colors to create a stunning, vibrant tree. Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes, and this floral fantasy proves just that.

15. DIY Mantel Magic

@homewithkelsey 🎄

Not sure how to add a festive touch to your bedroom? Watch how @homewithkelsey transforms her rented space with paper decorations, garlands, and cute stockings.

From a green garland on the sideboard to paper Christmas trees, miniature glow-up houses, and twinkling lights—she crafts a cozy, fireplace-inspired ambiance.


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