17 Incredible Ideas To Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

The decoration of the living room is one of the most important in a home. The living room is the place where you will spend the most time in your home, and your guests will always be there. There, the fireplace is the focal point of the room, a central element that draws all the attention and looks.

Therefore, knowing how to decorate our fireplace is very important. Even if the fireplace is in disuse, it is necessary to be aware of how we present it because it will be one of the most important decorative elements in the room.

In this article you will find fifteen incredible ideas on how to decorate your fireplace so that it expresses your own personality!

1. Light up the fireplace

It may sound like an absurd idea, but it is not at all. In summer, we never light the fireplace. Or if it is in disuse because the pipes have been clogged. You can decorate it with candles or garlands with pendant lights that illuminate that special place.

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2. Make it the center of attention

If your fireplace already takes an important role in the living room, you can reinforce it by placing an elegant mirror in geometric shape over the fireplace. It will reflect light and attract attention.

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3. For lovers of the sea

If you are a lover of the sea, the beach and marine motifs, you can decide to capture it in your fireplace. Hang a picture of the horizon and place marine decoration on the mantel: you can use corals to decorate.

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4. Personalize it with your own messages

If you’re a contemporary interior lover, you could consider a wall-mounted cheap electric fireplace. Unlike traditional fireplaces, it only requires simple decoration. Such as you can place blackboards on the shelf and decorate, paint or personalize them with a unique message for your family. Each day you can put a different message so that they wake up with a smile.

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5. Hang your favorite pictures

Take advantage of the fact that it is the center of attention in the room to place your favorite work of art. Yes, that includes the children’s, the family’s or your own paintings. They do not have to be works by famous artists to decorate your favorite room with light and color.

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6. Put a little green in your life

If your house is lacking a bit of green, feel free to dedicate that space for a few plants. Also, if the fireplace is unusable you can take advantage of its interior to make a small greenhouse.

7. Lighting is important!

If you don’t want to put candles or garlands, you can put some great decorative lamps. Use the most personal and representative style that attracts attention. Choose warm colors to give the living room a more intimate look.

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8. The modern choice

Most living rooms have two different focal points: the fireplace and the television. Combine them into a single spotlight, place the TV on top of the fireplace and create an eye-catching center point.

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9. Decorate it with your crafts

For those of you who enjoy crafts and handmade things, you can hang a wreath or some decoration made with wood. It will give a rustic style to your living room.

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10. A classic option

Clocks are also an important and essential piece of decoration in every living room. Hanging one on the wall above the fireplace will give a solemn look to the area.

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11. For book lovers

For book lovers, it is best to use the space to display your favorite books. So you will have them more handy to reread those passages, those poems or to show their beautiful covers. Place them on top of the mantel, or inside the fireplace itself if you don’t use it.

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12. For the most maniac

Use the decoration (vases, plants, small ceramic figurines) to create a harmonious symmetry with the environment. Create an aesthetic pleasing to the eye.

13. For the most loving

You can use the shelf to place your favorite family photos. And above, you can hang a family picture on the wall.

14. For those who love festivities

You can use that space to place the seasonal decorations. At Christmas, place gifts and socks. On Halloween, put some pumpkin lanterns and some vases with sweets. In summer you can opt for a tropical decoration.

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15. Or an option for everyone

If you don’t know which option to choose, you can always mix a variety of decorations. Hang pictures, put plants and a flower wreath. You don’t have to choose between all of them.

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Surely among all these options, you will find your ideal way to decorate the fireplace in your living room. With them you will make it the focus of your home while perfectly capturing your personal essence.


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