12 Tried and Tested Methods to Solve the Gap at a Chain Link Fence’s Bottom Side

Are you searching for effective solutions to fill the gap at a chain link’s bottom? When there are gaps, animals often escape from your yard. Moreover, other critters can intrude into your yard to create unwanted issues. Here are 12 tried and tested methods to solve the gap at the bottom side of a chain link:

1. Utilizing Old Tires

You can use old tires to fill the gap on the bottom side of a chain link fence.

2. Make use of Cinder or Allan Blocks

These blocks work as strong barriers to protect your pets and keep away other critters.

3. Chain Link Fence Stakes

If you pound these stakes into the ground and utilize the hooked portion to catch hold of the link, you can create a perfect barrier.

4. Tent Stakes

Tent stakes are one of the best options to fix the gap at the bottom of a chain link fence.

5. Create a Decorative Garden Fence

You can make a decorative garden fence in front of the chain link fence to fill the gap.

6. Install a Tension Wire

If you want to cover the gap beneath a chain link fence, you can install a tension wire.

7. Use an L-Footer

Install an L-footer to offer the best protection to your pets.

8. Utilize a Bottom Rail

A bottom rail is a reliable option to fix the gap under a chain link fence.

9. Lower the Current Bottom Rail

You can lower the current bottom rail to cover the gap between the ground and rail.

10. Place a Planter Box

Many people place a planter box in front of their chain link fence to fix the gap.

11. Attach Horizontal Wood Boards

Wood boards can be attached to the bottom of the chain link fence horizontally to cover the gap.


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