15 Super Cheap Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas

You can come across many bathroom renovation ideas these days. A full remodel project is not affordable to many people. Budget constraints often compel them to look for small bathroom makeover ideas. Here are 15 inexpensive, small, and effective bathroom makeover ideas which help you transform the look of a bathroom. These simple ideas don’t make you worry about the budget unnecessarily. You can use these simple methods to improve the aesthetic appeal and functional advantages of your bathroom substantially.

1. Use Wallpaper Creatively

You can use wallpaper to cover any one wall. The colors of the wallpaper should match the color of other walls.  Source

2. Create a Mosaic Feel Using Hexagon Tiles

This small bathroom makeover idea lets you create a mosaic feel using white and black hexagon tiles. These tiles are used to cover the floor to transform the look.  Source

3. Place a Leaning Ladder Shelf near the Bathtub

This simple idea lets you improve the storage and style.  Source

4. Glass Shelf Installation and the Addition of a Caddy Tray

You can mount a glass shelf above the Bathtub. A caddy tray can also be added to the soaking tub.  Source

5. Install a Glass Door Shelf near the Vanity

This small bathroom makeover idea enhances the look and look and storage of your bathroom appreciably.  Source

6. Use Wood Stabs and Paint to Facelift a Simple Vanity

This idea teaches you how to use wood stabs to transform the look of simple vanity. The wood slabs must be painted using your preferred color.  Source

7. Use Paint Creatively

You can paint 50% of the bathroom with one color and the remaining area with a different one.  Source

8. Use Skinny Wood slats to remodel the bathroom ceiling

This idea talks about remodeling bathroom ceilings with skinny wood slats.  Source

9. Introduce New Lighting Fixtures

Fresh lighting fixtures, especially warm tone ones, should be added to the bathroom.  Source

10. Change the Look with a towel, shower curtain, and a new rug

It is one of the easiest and most effective small bathroom makeover ideas you can ever come across these days.  Source

11. Change the Look of Your Bathroom Mirror

Changing or adding a frame to the mirror enhances the look of your bathroom.  via 12

12. Wooden Picture Frames of Large Leaves

You should take printouts of large leaves. Then, they must be framed in wooden picture frames to introduce an appealing makeover to your bathroom.  Source

13. Use Faux or Real Waterproof Tiles

Real or faux waterproof tiles can be used to cover the sides of the bathtub.  Source

14. Use Plants in Your Bathroom

You can use a variety of plants in your bathroom. The vital thing is to choose plants that flourish in moist conditions. You can also use plants that absorb moisture.  Source

15. Replace the Shower Stall Door

If you change the shower stall door, you can alter the look of your bathroom.  Source


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