20 Affordable and Simple DIY Farmhouse Crafts for Christmas

How to make beautiful Christmas decorations? Most people will go to the nearby store and spend a lot of money to buy Christmas decorations. Think differently and make your own decorations this year. It is the best time to demonstrate your crafting skills. Here are 20 affordable and simple farmhouse DIY Christmas crafts to make your decorations truly unique.

These wonderful ideas help you save a lot of money. Further, you can sell these farmhouse DIY Christmas crafts to earn some extra money. You can stay creative and generate a passive income as well. If you follow these ideas, you will realize Christmas decorations are not costly.

1. Galvanized Bucket Farmhouse Style Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is time to go creative and make galvanized bucket ornaments in a farmhouse style.

tutorial at: Daily DIY Life

2. Dollar Tree Bottle Brush Trees and Christmas Crates

Create unique and innovative Dollar tree Christmas crates and bottle bush trees.

tutorial here: Thrifted Nest

3. Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments made from Canvas Panels & Towering Wood Game

Make farmhouse-style ornaments with ease and comfort.

tutorial here: Michelles Party PlanIt

4. Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Rustic Decoration

Rustic decoration becomes perfect with this Dollar Tree Christmas Tree.

tutorial here: Megan Plus Five

5. Merry Christmas Sign DIY Farmhouse Décor

It is one of the best farmhouse DIY Christmas crafts your guests will fall in love with. Make this stunningly beautiful Merry Christmas sign to showcase your crafting skills.

tutorial here: The Makers Map

6. DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Trees

Make beautiful Christmas trees following this wonderful craft idea.

tutorial here: The Latina Next Door

7. Gnome Paintbrush Ornament

Create a unique gnome paintbrush ornament that is eye-catching.

tutorial here: Simplistically Living

8. Faux Wood, Foam Board Trees

Make impressive trees using foam board and faux wood.

tutorial here: Kristys Craft Room

9. Using Dollar Tree Picture Frames to make Christmas Trees

Use picture frames to build eye-catching Christmas trees.

tutorial here: Lily Ardor

10. DIY Dollar Store Christmas Truck Ornament

What about creating a Christmas truck ornament? It is one of the most unique farmhouse DIY Christmas crafts you can ever find.

tutorial here: Re-Fabbed

11. Easy Dollar Tree Christmas Truck DIY

Make your own simple Dollar Tree Christmas truck to make your decoration unique.

tutorial here: The Makers Map

12. DIY Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

It is one of the best farmhouse DIY Christmas crafts that teach you how to create ornaments with a farmhouse style.

tutorial here: Love and Marriage Blog

13. Rustic Dollar Tree Rag Christmas Tree

Build a Christmas tree using rags with a rustic style.

tutorial here: Just That Perfect Piece

15. DIY Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Ornament

Make your own appealing bottle brush tree ornament for Christmas.

tutorial here: Re-fabbed

16. DIY Dollar Store Christmas Trees

Create inventive Christmas trees to make your decorations incredibly unique.

tutorial here: Country Charm By Tracy

18. DIY Christmas Truck and Tree Decorations

What about making a lovely Christmas truck and tree decorations? Follow this idea to get the best results.

tutorial here: The Things She Makes

19. DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree

Make a simple yet eye-catching Christmas tree with minimal effort.

tutorial here: Thrifted Nest

20. Easy Wood Ornament Dollar Tree Decor

Follow this idea to create a simple wood ornament Dollar Tree decor

tutorial here: Little House of Four

21. Dollar Tree DIY Stocking Hangers

Make beautiful Dollar tree stocking hangers with effortless ease.

tutorial here: The Latina Next Door


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