60 Simple and Enjoyable Easter Crafts and Activities for 3-year-olds, toddlers, and all little kids

#41 (Easter Bunny Footprint artwork)

via @thecraftymamaathome
Draw on whiskers and ears plus cotton ball tail and transform your 3-year-olds feet into bunnies. What a great idea to do this on canvas.

#42 (Handprint Easter chick craft & decoration )

via @the_littlest_penguin
These Easter chicks are lovely, aren’t they? Pretty cute to have them hanging around the house so it’ll be well worth the effort of cutting around all those fingers and thumbs…

#43 (Hand and footprint Easter chicks)

via @get_creative_with_cooper
This hand and footprint crafts is hard to resist isn’t it?! The eyes and beak are part of an egg box and yellow tissue paper become feathers…Such a cute Easter chick craft to do with your 3-year-old.

#44 (Easter Chick handprint art)

This simple handprint chick is definitely achievable for kids younger than 3 years old.

#45 (Easter Bunny Handprint Ears)

via @my.prek.life
I’m just loving these Easter bunnies with hands for ears – perfect for toddlers and preschoolers alike.

#46 (Easter egg thumbprint art activity )

If you can manage to get some neat thumb or fingerprints from your 3-year-old you can quickly turn them into Easter eggs with a bit of creativity. They’d make a lovely Easter card too.

#47 (Fingerprint Easter bunny and chick card)

via @thishappynanny
More finger and thumb prints – this time turned into a bunny and chicks. Should be simple enough to try with a 3-year-old.

#48 (Easter Chick Printable Keepsake)

via Teach Me Mommy
This handprint chick is the perfect way to get a cute handprint keepsake with minimal effort.

#49 Easy Easter Craft: Footprint Bunny Hoppin’ Away

via @MadeWithHappy
Create a cute Easter craft with your 3-year-old by turning their footprint into the bunny’s feet. This simple and fun activity is perfect for the holiday season.

#50 Handprint Easter Bunny Tile Craft

via @ColorClayCafe
Make an adorable Easter bunny handprint on a tile to create a practical and unique coaster. These tiles also make great gifts for grandparents.

#51 Practical and Cute Paper Plate Bunny Craft & Treat Bag

via In The Bag Kids Crafts
Get your kids excited for Easter by creating paper plate bunny treat bags. These bags are not only cute and easy to make, but also practical for collecting Easter treasures and candies.

#52 Easy Eggbox Easter Basket Craft

via @fun.a.day
Make an Easter basket out of an egg box by painting it and attaching a ribbon handle. This is a perfect and easy Easter craft for your 3-year-old.

#53 No-Sew Felt Easter Basket (with Template)

via Sustain My Craft Habit
Create an adorable no-sew felt Easter basket using a hot glue gun. This easy Easter craft is perfect for moms to lead, while allowing their toddler or preschooler to direct and enjoy carrying it around.

#54 Creative Easter Carrot Treat Box Paper Craft

via Ottawa Mommy Club
Turn a cone of paper into a carrot treat box that can hold small candies like gummy bears and mini eggs. These cute carrots would be perfect for an Easter basket or for hiding around the garden.

#55 – Easter Card with Chicks

via @leila.wyatt
This charming Easter card featuring cute little chicks is perfect for young children who can make it with minimal assistance.

#56 – Easter Egg Card with Tissue Paper

via @lecibocianpl
Young children will enjoy creating this Easter egg card by scrunching tissue paper. The card features a cutout window that displays the egg, providing a unique twist on a classic design.

#57 – Easter Card with a Hatching Chick

via @kylie___michelle
This Easter craft and card project is more complex, involving several materials and skills. However, it is a great way to keep a 3-year-old engaged and create a special card for a grandparent.

#58 – Easter Bunny Card with TP Rolls

via @little.learners.playbook
This easy Easter craft project uses three TP rolls glued together to make a bunny face and ears. The result is a simple yet adorable Easter card that children can create on their own.

#59 – Easter Bunny Card with Potato Stamps

via Make And Takes
The potato-stamped Easter bunny card is undeniably adorable and is sure to be a hit with children. This Easter craft project involves potato stamping, a technique that is both fun and easy.

#60 – Easter Egg Card with Paint Smudges

via: @glassonthegrass
This Easter card provides a creative way to use up those leftover paint smudges and scribbles that parents can’t bear to throw away. Simply cut out ovals from the painted paper and attach them to the card for a fun and easy project.


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