23 Amazing Genius Hiding Places Which Most People Will Rarely Notice

Where to hide things smartly and cleverly? You need to search for genius hiding places where most people, including thieves, will rarely notice. If you look for outside-the-box ideas, you can find excellent hiding places to get you into stealth mode. There is no need to learn rocket science to find some genius hiding places. Keeping things in sneaky and strange places, you can even fool even the most cunning thieves. Here are 23 amazing genius hiding places that most people will rarely notice and get you into stealth mode:

1. Clever use the back or the underside of a drawer


2. Make a Secret Log Box

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2. Hide your cash, keychains, and other possessions in a window sill drawer

3. Keep your cash inside the metal frame of your counter drawer.

4. Store your valuables, including jewelry, money, and cash under the chair cushion. You can make a secret compartment underneath the cushion.

5. A jar or container in your kitchen containing nuts is not a bad place to store your stuff.

6. You can use an unoccupied birdhouse to keep your spare keys. It is always advisable to screen off the entrance to keep away birds.

7. Bookshelves can be converted as genius hiding places. Make a few false drawers on the bookshelf to hide your items.

8. Use door tops to store money, pen drives, and similar items. Thieves will never check these hiding places.

9. Store your possessions underneath the carpet to have peace of mind.

10. A diaper makes a secret place to hide your keychains, sunglasses, and other stuff.

11. Use a flower vase to store your watch, pen drive, and ring.

11. Create a false shelf under a photo frame to conceal your favorite possessions.

12. Integrate drawers into basement steps to conceal your valuables. These places can be excellent hiding spots thieves will never notice.

13. Make a hornet nest to hide your keys safely. It is one of the genius hiding places to store your keys when you are away.

14. Use piles of old CDs/DVDs to conceal your personal items, including jewelry and cash.

15. Use a rock, an empty medicine bottle, and glue to make a disguised holder for keys.

16. Use an empty soybean packet to hide your items.

17, Make a small hidden safe that looks like an electrical outlet. It is one of the genius hiding places to store your valuable belongings.

18. Create a secret drawer with a door underneath a table to create a perfect storage place that offers the best protection against thieves.

19. Insert a jar inside a monkey doll to keep your valuables unnoticed. Store your belongings here and enjoy a great deal of peace and security.

20. Add a fake PVC pipe with a cleanout plug to your basement. You just need to unscrew the plug to store your items in the secret compartment.

21. You can use the interior part of a window curtain to hire your possessions safely.

22. Keep your precious items underneath the cover of your dustbin. Nobody is going to notice it easily.

23. You can store money under the pictures of a photo album.