Simple, Innovative, and Interesting Glass Pebble DIY Ideas

If you apply some creativity, you can use glass pebbles for a wide variety of DIY projects. These pebbles can be found in any Dollar shop nowadays. One of the attractive things is that glass pebbles are cheap materials. You can use them in many different ways. Here are 10 simple, innovative, and interesting glass pebble DIY ideas you can use with minimal effort.

1. Go Creative with Grapes, a Wine Bottle, and Glass Pebbles

A bunch of grapes can be placed over a wine bottle before adding a few fabric leaves and twine. Use your creativity while adding glass pebbles.

2. Create a Mosaic Bowl Using a Fish Bowl, Grout, and Glass Pebbles

This glass pebble DIY idea talks about creating a mosaic bowl by placing grout and glass pebbles over a fish bowl.

3. Build a Sun Catcher by Using an Empty Picture Frame and Glass Pebbles

You can glue glass pebbles to a picture frame to make a sun catcher.   Tutorial

4. Beatify the Top of a Patio Table

This simple idea teaches you how to decorate the top of a patio table.

5. Create a Visually-Appealing Gravity-Defying Decoration Piece

This stone pebble DIY project discusses how to create a flowing, beautiful, and gravity-defying decoration piece using glass pebbles.

6. Create Lanterns Using Solar Lights, Mason Jars, and Glass Pebbles

You can learn how to create lanterns using mason jars, glass pebbles, and solar light bulbs.  Tutorial

7. Beautify the Interior of a Bookcase or Shelf

Learn how to beautify the Interior of a bookcase or a shelf. This idea lets you see the inner surface clearly.


8. Transform the Look of Your Mirror Frame Using Glass Gems

You can use white, blue, and green glass gems to decorate the mirror frame in a bathroom.

9. Use a Combination of Concrete Mushrooms and Glass Pebbles

You should make concrete mushrooms before sticking glass gems over them.

10. Use Glass Pebbles to Decorate a Picture Frame

You can use your creativity to decorate a picture frame.


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