Creative Home Design: Effective Storage Ideas That You Have to Try

We humans all have one thing in common–we all have the innate tendency to acquire “stuff” no matter how much space we have available to put it. And over time, all of this stuff can become cluttered and make your space look unkempt or disorganized.

But you don’t have to weave through a hallway full of boxes anymore. Because today, there are many creative ways to store your belongings that can also offer an element of style.

Storage spaces are unique. And even if your attic or your garage is full of stuff already, you can implement design techniques and renovations to accommodate many different types of belongings which offer you both ease of access and a freeing up of space.

Nobody wants to swim through a house full of stuff if they can help it. And if you’re looking for creative ways to store your things, the following will provide a few solutions for you to consider.

The Appliance Garage

Is your kitchen space overrun with appliances that are only used every once in a while? If this is the case, then you probably need an appliance garage.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to run out and build an entire garage just for your appliances. An appliance garage is simply a space within your home that facilitates the storage of your appliances. And there are many stylish ways that you can gather all your appliances and store them together.

A few appliance garage ideas are as follows:

  • Bifold cabinet spaces
  • Hollow Islands
  • Hidden cabinets
  • Kitchen Lean-to storage
  • Slide-out storage
  • Appliance pantry

The idea with an appliance garage is to choose one central location within your kitchen to place all of the appliances that you use only from time to time. For example, a hideaway shelf system with a cover such as a bifold door or any type of conventional hatch can keep your appliances all neatly arranged and out of sight. And this will help to free up your counter space for other items that you use more often.

Toy Storage

If you have children, chances are you’re constantly following behind them picking up toys (or stepping on them). And instead of shrieking out in pain every time you step on a LEGO, having a convenient space to keep all of your child’s toys organized can prove to be a great solution.

While bedroom upgrades are common, especially with a child’s room, toy storage ideas are perhaps the most creative. And this is because you can turn anything into an area perfect for those toys that seem to magically get sprinkled all over the house. The best part is you can use many ordinary household items to store a variety of toys.

For example, an old laundry hamper can make a perfect DIY toy storage project. With a little paint or fabrics, you can create a perfect spot to throw stuffed animals, sports equipment, or any other toys you see fit to place inside.

Additionally, a pop-out cabinet inside your child’s closet, or building a cubby hole with a sliding door are also great solutions to keep toys out of the way and off of the floor.

The Stuff Under the Stairs

If you own a two-story home or have a small staircase within your home, under-stair storage is a great way to utilize unused space. And this is because most interior staircases are hollow and offer a perfect spot for storage.

Storage space under the stairs is often accessed by a small door. And though this might look like a door to a child’s imagination, the space inside can certainly be outfitted for anything within your imagination. Basically, you can put anything in this space that you like.

A few items that under-stair storage can be used for are cleaning supplies such as vacuum cleaners, brooms, and mops. Or you can use it as extra space for hobby items such as paints, canvases, or any arts and crafts supplies.

With under-stair storage, the possibilities are endless, and you’ll likely have plenty of space to work with depending on the width and height of your staircase. And the great part is that you usually won’t need to hire a private contractor to build this storage area for you.

Even if we humans are driven to buy more stuff often, keeping your space clutter-free not only offers you better peace of mind, it frees up space around your home that you can utilize for design purposes. Additionally, when you outfit your home with storage space, you’ll also make it more presentable for guests when they come to visit.