38 Easy and Fun DIY Fire Pit Ideas

A DIY fire pit is a brilliant addition to any backyard. At night, there’s nothing better than cozying up next to a fire pit. You can sit, chat, and enjoy the food with your family and friends, even during the cold nights. Creating your own backyard fire pit isn’t as difficult or expensive as you might think, because the building materials are really cheap, such as bricks, pavers, concrete, and retaining wall blocks. From round and square shaped pits to the most unusual designs, creating a fire pit don’t need to follow the rules just let creativity lead the way. Here’s 38 DIY fire pit ideas and tutorials to make your backyard the best camp spot. These DIY firepits are budget friendly. Nearly every fire pit in this collection costs under $150. Repurposing old objects is another secret to the super-low cost. Check them, and hopefully, these diy fire pit ideas inspire you so you can spend wonderful time outdoors with your family and friends.

Pick up an old washing machine drum at a scrap yard and turn it into a nifty little fire pit:

Fire Pit from an Old Washing Machine Drum

Set your steel firepit bowl on top of the fireproof base built from stones or concrete blocks:

steel firepit bowl with concrete block base

Tutorial:  theinspiredroom.net

Add decorative pebble along the outsides of your fire pit metal bowl:

Add decorative pebble to a stone fire pit

Tutorial: diynetwork.com

In the Ground Fire Pit – To build a in-the-ground fire pit, you need to set brick in slightly tilted on sides, then place flat stones around rim on top of bricks:

In the Ground Fire Pit

Square Metal Firepit – Instead of building a firepit with bricks and concrete, a square metal frame is another great option:

Square Metal Firepit

Tutorial:  the-brick-house.com

Upcycled Truck Wheel Firepit – Stack concrete blocks around the truck wheel firepit to insulate heat:

Upcycled Truck Wheel Firepit

Tutorial:  tractorbynet.com

Source:  sharpecreations.blogspot.ca

Tabletop Mini Firepit – Make a mini tabletop fire pit using a base, a few pebbles and a glass cover:

Tabletop Mini Firepit

Tutorial:  theartofdoingstuff.com

Create a Fire Pit with Fireplace Glass:

Create a Fire Pit with Fireplace Glass

Tutorial:  diynetwork.com

Build a patio with concrete block fire pit:

Build a patio with concrete block fire pit

Tutorial:  countryfarm-lifestyles.com

Shopping Cart Fire Pit – Take an old shopping cart and turn it into a portable fire pit with built in log storage rack:

Shopping Cart Fire Pit

Tutorial:  instructables.com

DIY Round Stone Firepit – Outline the area that you are using circular, then build your Round Firepit with stone bricks and cement:

DIY Round Stone Firepit

Sitting around a Square Fire Pit built from concrete blocks:

Square Fire Pit built from concrete blocks

Source:  magnoliamerryweather.tumblr.com

Concrete-Cast Fire Pit – Pouring cement between two large bowls to create this fire pit with a sleek, modern look:

Concrete-Cast Fire Pit

Tutorial:  manmadediy.com

Build a Round, Brick Fire Pit in a corner of your backyard:

Build a Round Brick Fire Pit in a corner of backyard

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DIY-Fire-Pits-27-1 DIY-Fire-Pits-27-2

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DIY-Fire-Pits-29 DIY-Fire-Pits-29-2

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