15 Cool Storage Bed Ideas for People Who Lack Closet Space

If your master, kids, or guest bedroom is small, then what would you do when you’ve run out of your storage space? A lack of storage is not a new problem for city dwellers. Their closets are usually stuffed, dresser’ drawers are filled with makeup items, and closets are nearly bursting at the seams. One way to get around that and make the best use of your space is to opt for a storage bed. There are many types of storage beds. Some of these beds have built-in under-bed storage. Instead of directly shoving storage bins under your bed, they make your stuff more hidden. Some of the storage beds have tons of drawers for keeping out of season clothes and shoes that won’t fit in your closet. Some of them have storage headboards for books, and a good deal of other stuff. Others have a big hidden wardrobe under the bed. Although you can choose those ready-make IKEA storage beds, you need a DIY project if budget is top of your mind. Whether you opt for a DIY project or a store-bought solution, storage bed ideas all add a healthy amount of stuff-stashing space to your room without compromising the look. Win-win!

1. A Platform Bed with a Huge Storage Compartment:

Tutorial: chatfieldcourt.com

2. IKEA Cabinets and Drawers Turn To a Storage Bed:

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

3. Amish Bed with Storage Drawers:

4. Shared Bedroom with Two Beds, Drawers, and A Work Station:

Tutorial: thevanderveenhouse.com

5. Sliding Storage Shelves Under a Loft Bed:

6. Trundle Bed with a Bookcase and Some Drawers:

7. Besides Headboard Storage, This Bed Has Many Places to Store and Display Books:

Image via: cuckooland.com

8. Bed with Built-in Wooden Crates:

9. Behind the Bed has A Big Pull-out Drawer for Storage:

10. Create a Hidden Wardrobe Under the Bed:

11. The Sunken Mattress is Surrounded by Hidden Storage Units:

Source: apartmenttherapy.com