42 Wild, Crazy, Fun Treat or Trunk Ideas To Make Halloween Entertaining

There are many different ways to make your Halloween decorations unique, fun, and crazy. Don’t limit yourself to house decorations. What about the concept of decking out the trunk of your car? It is one of the craziest trunk or treat Halloween ideas you can ever come across. Are you planning to be a part of a trunk or treat this time? Many people do. You can do as well.

Are you planning to trick or treat in a parking lot by walking from one car to another to fetch your candy? If you want to do so, you must go all out. Convert the back of your car from a dull old truck into something innovative, weird, uncanny, or sinister. There are many ideas like TV-inspired concepts and replicas of popular movies or fast food restaurants. If you search online, you can come across several stunning ideas. That is to say, you can make your trunk Halloween-ready in numerous ways. Human creativity has no boundaries. You just need to find some unique ideas to get things done differently and hilariously. Here are some of the most unusual, inspiring, and innovative trunk or treat Halloween ideas to make things ridiculously interesting and entertaining:


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4.Gumball Machine

5.1950s Diner


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8.Mario Kart

9.Harry Potter

10.Jurassic Park

11.Wizard of Oz

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12.Star Wars

13.Finding Nemo

14.Classic Halloween

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15.Veggie Tales

16.Toy Story

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17.Turbo Porsche

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18.Cookie Monster

19.Candy Land

20.Mickey and Minnie Mouse

21.Pirate Ship


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23.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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24.Wizard of Oz

25.Hocus Pocus

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26.Christmas in October

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28.Mad Hatter Tea Party

29.Andy’s Room


31.Movie Theater

32.Football Stadium

33.Jail Cell

34.Dia de Muertos

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37.Charlie Brown

38.A Drive-In Movie

39.Charlie Brown


41.Black Cat

42.Treasure Chest