17 Incredibly Easy and Cheap DIY Toy Storage Ideas for an Organized Home

Kids often make your home look chaotic with their numerous toys. You have to clean and sort them every day to keep things organized. It can be a tedious task for most parents. How to store them properly to make a clutter-free home? If you utilize some creative DIY toy storage ideas, you can avoid the painful daily toy cleaning tasks. These simple and inexpensive toy storage ideas for small spaces always help you keep your home organized after kids’ playtime.

1. Pipe Shelf Storage

You can make a rustic shelf that comprises wood crates and jars to store your kids’ toys. It can be made using some pipes and boards. This type of rustic shelf is also an excellent decor idea for a playroom.  Via M+B Design

2. Vertical Toy Basket

If you find some wire storage baskets, you can attach them to the wall to make simple toy baskets. The toys can be placed on these baskets easily.  Via The Caldwell Project

3. Car Toys Storage

It is one of the most interesting and clever DIY toy storage ideas you can find nowadays. You can create toy car shelves using wood and aluminum strips. Your child will use this shelf to display his car collection.  Via Sunny Side Design

4. Storage Bench

Make a storage bench from an outdated or inexpensive cabinet. This type of storage lets you convert an old item into something useful.  Via My Repurposed Life

5. Crate Stool Toy Storage

Convert milk crates into toy storage stools. Your old t-shirt can be used as fabric.  Via Home Talk

6. Rustic Toy Storage Console

If you want to take care of plastic toys such as Barbie shoes and cars, you can create a simple rustic toy storage console that makes an excellent option to keep many more items over time. It is a simple plan that teaches you how to create 3 open bins with a shelf on top of them.  Via Build Something

7. Book Bin

With basic IKEA bamboo storage, you can make an appealing book bin. You just need to do a few tweaks to get this job done.  Via Hunker

8. Shoe Organizer Toy Storage

This over-the-door hanger toy storage idea is suitable for small spaces. It helps you keep shoes, car toys, or even Barbie toys above the ground.  Via Making Meadow Gate

9. Plastic Shoe bins Storage

This idea teaches you how to create an attractive storage space using a chalk marker, chalkboard labels, tape, white cardstock, and clear plastic shoe bins. Keep the bins in a cube unit.  Via The Happy Housie

10. LEGO Storage Container

It is one of the best DIY toy storage ideas you can use if your kids have numerous Lego and miniature toys. You can sort all items based on color.  Via Raising Dragons

11. Pallet Storage

How to prevent your kids from keeping their stuff under the bed? You can make a pallet storage space using wood pallets. Wheels can be added to take it easily from under the bed.  Via Our House Now A Home

12. Dish Rack Coloring Book Caddy

On a disc rack, you can store the coloring books, pencils, and other play items of kids. Keeping them in a tray helps you keep the room organized.  Via Paging Fun Mums

13. Outdoor Toy Storage

Using a shelf, bins, and labels, you can store your kids’ outdoor toys. This type of storage makes your life a lot easier.  Via I Heart Organizing

14. DIY Backyard Bike Storage

This outdoor toy storage idea from Refresh Living helps you store your kid’s rideable toys, including bikes, comfortably. It teaches you how to install a roofed storage space.   Via:  Refresh Living

15. Create Your Own Stuffed Animal Storage Solution with Macrame Net

Craft your very own uncomplicated toy storage box that flaunts a contemporary, feminine appearance, thanks to a simple macrame net on both the front and the back. Ideal for keeping playthings tidy in any living space.  via: housefulofhandmade.com

16. Crafty and Colorful: Custom DIY Painted Wooden Crates

Fashion these homemade toy storage containers in assorted hues to complement the decor of the playroom or your child’s bedroom. Encourage the little ones to arrange their toys and let them participate in tidying up the play area.   via: jessicawellinginteriors.com

17. Give a Second Life to a Discarded Tire: Craft Your DIY Toy Shelves

Now, this is what you call ingenious! Transform an old tire into the ultimate parking space for all those miniature cars!   via:  spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com


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