DIY Pool-Side Pallet Projects for Perfect Summer Entertaining

Having a backyard swimming pool, whether it is big or small, it will make a home a perfect retreat, especially in summer days. If you happen to have a pool in your home then you must want some poolside projects to provide a sitting area, keep pool noodles or other toys organized, and entertain your guests. These projects do not have to be costly and are easy to do with old wooden pallets. A DIY pallet project is one of the cheapest and easiest to make because pallets can be easily found in local stores and are sometimes given for free. Take a look at the following DIY pool-side projects and I think they will give your area surrounding the swimming pool some flair.

1. Take pool entertaining to new heights by creating a backyard tiki bar using wood pallets:

2. Build a pallet board to keep your pool toys and cleaning tools in right place (before hanging it, give it a coat of light-blue paint ):


3. Pallet steps provide you a safer entry to your above ground swimming pool:

4. A DIY pallet deck can be used as a neat walkway to get to your swimming pool:

5. You must need a nice place to hang dry pool towels. Why not turn a pallet into this fun pool towel hanger?

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6. Place a pair of sun loungers made of wooden pallets beside your swimming pool, to enjoy the sunlight:

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7. Especially when you plan to host a pool party with your guests, a BBQ station built from wooden pallets will be a must-have:

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8. Are you thinking about adding a pallet fire pit to pool area?

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9. A DIY pallet cooler is a must-have possession for your outdoor pool parties:


10. Want a place near your pool area to enjoy dinner with your friends? A very practical pallet table would be your best choice:

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