Top 27 DIY Clay Pot Christmas Decorations That Make Your Holiday Decor Appealing | Clay Pot Christmas Crafts

Everyone loves Christmas crafts. You can come across many different decoration ideas nowadays. Creative minds always focus on unique DIY Christmas decorations every year. Are you one of them? If you are creative, you can make some excellent DIY Christmas decorations using terra cotta pots. These 27 incredible and fascinating DIY clay pot crafts for christmas help you make your holiday decor stunningly appealing. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort to make these decorations. They are extremely simple and easy to do.

These 27 DIY clay pot Christmas decorations are relatively cheaper. You can find some clay pots around the house. Further, these projects offer great fun and entertainment. You can make your Christmas decorations unique, beautiful, and appealing with these ideas. They also make excellent gifts.

1. DIY Clay Pot Christmas Tree

After painting clay pots using green color, you can stack them with the help of a glue gun to make these DIY clay pot Christmas decorations. Use acrylic paint to decorate them.

Tutorial: totallythebomb

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2. Festive Topsy-Turvy Christmas Plant Pots

Get into the holiday spirit with Christmas Topsy Turvy Pots. Paint plant pots as cheerful characters like Gingerbread men, Grinches, Santas, Penguins, and Snowmen. Fill them with your favorite plants and display them in your yard for a festive and fun decoration.

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3. Craft a Clay Pot Santa

Crafting a santa terracotta pot is a simple yet delightful project. Use pots of different sizes and twine to create joints for the arms and legs. This jolly Santa will add a touch of holiday cheer to your decor.

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4. Adorable Snowmen Gift Pots

These cute Snowmen Pots make charming containers for small gifts like candy or nail polish. Don’t forget to grab saucers with the pots for painting matching lids.

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5. Cheerful Rudolf Decor

Rudolf the reindeer is an icon of Christmas, and this clay pot version with festive antlers adorned with mini red and silver baubles will brighten up your space. Place it on your office desk to keep the holiday spirit alive all December long.

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6. Radiant Snowman Light

Brighten up any room during the winter with this adorable snowman light that never melts! You’ll need a 4-inch Round Candle Holder, a Flower Pot, Lights, Paint, and Glue to create this charming decoration.

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7. Charming Snowman Stocking Stuffers

Craft these lovable snowmen using 4″ pots. Paint them white and top them off with a glove “hat.” Fill them with small items like sweets and wrap them in cellophane for delightful stocking stuffers or party favors.

8. Snowman Candy Jars

Turn flower pots into delightful snowmen candy jars. Gather terracotta pots, paint, and your favorite candies. Start with acrylic paint and let it dry before adding cute faces and details. These make sweet and festive decorations for the season.

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9. DIY Clay Pot Angel

With a clay pot, rounded wooden ball, fabric, a few painting supplies, and Spanish moss, you can make this clay pot.

Tutorial: freecraftz

10. Appealing DIY Christmas Bells

You just need to paint a few small clay pots and hang them upside down using ribbon balls. Add wooden beads for the ringer.


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11. DIY Clay Pot Christmas Candy Jars

These candy jars can be made using glass bowls and clay pots.

Tutorial: cjaneblog

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12. Terra Cotta Pot Reindeer

Paint a face on one of the pots to make it look like an appealing reindeer. Use a red-painted wooden ball to make Rudolph’s nose. Antlers made using foam board can be added as well.

Tutorial: craftymorning

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13. Beautiful DIY Terra Cotta Pot Penguins

Make little penguins with small terra cotta pots before adding a painted ball on the head. Paint them black and white.

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14. DIY Clay pot Snowman Light

After turning the clay pot outside down, you just need to add a tealight candle to make this snowman light.

Tutorial: evasscrapsncards

15. DIY Frosty The Snowman Candy Dish

Use clay pots and decorate them with your favorite colors. A frosted glass bowl can be added to the face. Go creative by painting a wooden ball to make a cute little pom pom for the hat.

Tutorial: budget101

16. DIY Stacked Outdoor Clay Pot Snowman

Create a beautiful snowman by stacking larger clay pots on top of each other. The face can be added with acrylic paints.

Tutorial: gardenclub

17. Attractive DIY Clay Pot Gingerbread Man

Utilize various sizes of pots to make this gingerbread man. After assembling it, use acrylic paint to decorate the details.

Tutorial: pinterest

18. Decoupage Clay Pot Christmas Ornament

Make a perfect ornament using Christmas kitties. Painted details and a bow can be added as well.


19. Outdoor Clay Pot Nutcracker

With two stacked larger clay pots for the leg and one for the body, hat, and head, you can make these decorations. Go creative while painting and adding embellishments.

20. DIY Olaf Christmas Candy Jar

Use a glass bowl and two tiny clay pots to make this Olaf. Brown pipe cleaners can be used to add hair and arms. Finer details can be added utilizing paint.

Tutorial: momsandmunchkins

21. Fanciful DIY Clay Pot Santa Claus

Make use of small clay pots to make a tiny, cute Santa Claus Utilize glittery paint and snow paste to achieve a snowy effect.

Tutorial: craftideas

22. Clay Pot Santa Chimney Mishap

This simple decoration can be made using a Styrofoam ball, pipe cleaners, and a clay pot for the chimney.

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

23. Santa Pants Poinsettia Planters

Make perfect Santa pants for holding your Christmas poinsettias. First, you should paint two planters red and white. The next step is to keep them together using a belt.

Tutorial: chicacircle

24. Clay Pot Stacked Christmas Tree

Use pots, beads, gems, and other decorations to make one of the best DIY clay pot Christmas decorations.

Tutorial: lifeisalullaby

25. Santa And Rudolph Shelf Sitters

Build cute shelf sitters using terra cotta pots, a painted Styrofoam ball, and cords or rope.

26. DIY Rustic Snowman Bucket Ornaments

Create adorable snowman bucket ornaments using clay pots, wires, holly berries, and small pinecones.

27. Adorable DIY Clay Pot Choo Choo

Make the best choo choo train using terra cotta pots and planters. Use handlers to hang them on the tree.

Tutorial: frugalvillage


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